The Ringtone Evolution in the Trends of Today

Love the feeling of buying that new cell phone only to be disappointed that it does not include any built in cool ringtones? Well, companies do that on purpose so you will buy ringtones from their plan and download them to your phone. In short, it is what is is. Remember the cell phones from 10 years ago when they came jam packed with awesome ringtones that even included Beethoven’s 5th? The new phones do come with some but they are low quality in comparison to what you can really rock to. On my most recent phone there was one ringtone that sounded like “Space Invaders” from the 80’s!

Now it is possible to have a real mp3 song where you can set what part of the song to play and set the duration, pretty cool. However some people choose the old “ring ring” style you remember hearing on your grandma’s house phone. With trends in music today there is so much to choose from including the song, catchphrases by celebrity personalities, and any sound variation you can think of. The top ringtones are the latest pop songs and celebrity quotes that are hitting today’s airwaves.

You can buy ringtones online from a website or right on your cell phone itself as the newest mobile phones offer the latest in hot new gadgets to make it convenient. Some companies offer a monthly rate, per price download, or if you look around you can even get some hot ringtones free. A lot of places on and offline are offering free ringtones if you sign up for whatever they are promoting.

Be aware that not all ringtones are created equal for every phone. Many cellular plans have restrictions with various artists and producers so if you plan on buying a new phone and the ringtone factor is important to you, then look around at what is available, you may find that you can download a music ringtone for one type of plan and phone but not another.

The cost of these ringtones are relatively inexpensive but can cost more than the real mp3 song itself, the reason is that it has to be encoded for your phone to recognize, etc. Of course a vast collection of “tones” is wise because if your phone rings of the hook the same old thing will get annoying after a while, so the ability to switch to another is a welcome change.

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